PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Change of use from travel agent to coffee shop in Kingsthorpe


Latest planning applications submitted to Northampton Borough Council:

N/2015/0752: Change Of Use From Travel Agent To Coffee Shop Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre Harborough Road - Northampton

N/2015/0775: Demolition Of Garages To Rear And Erect A 2-Bed Flat With Undercroft Car Parking. 2 St Matthews Parade - Northampton

N/2015/0869: Installation Of Non Illuminated Sign To Rear Elevation. 60 Bridge Street - Northampton

N/2015/0892: Lawful Development Certificate For A Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension. 27 Forest Road - Northampton

N/2015/0938: Two Storey/Single Storey Rear Extension. 52 Sulgrave Road - Northampton

N/2015/0943: Proposed Despatch Building And Screening 63 65 Mahle St James Mill Road - Northampton

N/2015/0949: Single-Storey Extension To Increase Floor Area For 8No Residential Care Bedrooms. The Richardson Mews Care Home Harborough Road - Northampton

N/2015/0964: New Secure Walkway With Canopy, New 3M High Fencing And Gates Magistrates Courts Campbell Square - Northampton

N/2015/0984: Variation Of Condition Number 1 Of Planning Permission N/2003/0502 (Continued Use As Day Care Nursery) To Allow For Care Of 60 Children. 401 Wellingborough Road - Northampton

N/2015/0990: Two Storey Extension To Side Of Dwelling 16 Queensland Gardens - Northampton

N/2015/0991: Change Of Use From Dwelling (Use Class C3) To House In Multiple Occupation (Use Class C4) For Three Residents 72 Salisbury Street - Northampton

N/2015/0992: Variation Of Condition 2 Of Planning Permission N/2015/0496 (Change Of Use From Shelter For Homeless To 13 No Flats. Removal Of Existing Roof Structures To Provide Open Courtyard At The Rear Of Property And Provision Of Car Parking At Ash Street To Serve, 3 9 Night Shelter, Oak Street - Northampton

N/2015/1033: Leyland Cypress - Section Dismantle To Ground Level. 10 Kestrel Close - Northampton

N/2015/1036: Application For Non-Material Amendment To N/2013/1325 (Residential Development Comprising 69 Dwellings) To Amend The Access Arrangements To Plot Numbers 62-67 Development Land, Danes Camp Way - Northampton

N/2015/1037: Tree Application, Unit 2 Southfield Avenue - Northampton

N/2015/1040: Reserved Matters Application For The Approval Of Details Of The Appearance, Landscaping, Layout And Scale Of 1198 Four Beds Of Student Accommodation, Supporting Ancillary

Facilities (Bank, Convenience, Store, Gp And Multi-Faith Chaplaincy), A 32 Bed Hotel, University Site, Nunn Mills Road, - Northampton

PN/2015/0060: Single Storey Extension To Rear Of Existing Garage To Comprise Of Bedroom, En Suite & Utility, 60 Nutana, Thorburn Road - Northampton

PN/2015/0061: Prior Notification For Larger Home Extension. Dimensions: A)3M; B)3.17M;

C)3.17M, 56 Gladstone Road - Northampton