Plan to build 2,000 homes threaten to ‘swamp’ identity of Northamptonshire village

Site planned for 2,000 new homes between Moulton and Overstone
Site planned for 2,000 new homes between Moulton and Overstone

Residents in a Northamptonshire village have said that a plan to build 2,000 homes nearby would “swamp” the identy of their home.

The proposal, which includes a new section of A43 dual carriageway on land at Overstone Leys, between Moulton and Overstone, was set to be approved by Daventry District Council at a meeting scheduled for last night.

Developers Barratt Developments PLC have faced consistent objections from the public who have raised concerns about potential effects on traffic and on the nature of surrounding villages.

Barry Care, chair of Moulton Parish Council, said: “The current joint core planning strategy promised that building works would not create a “coalescence” of villages.

“But this many houses will swamp Moulton and Overstone and change their character completely.

“We are all weary with this fight now, and it seems to be a waste of time to protest against a decision that has really already been made.

“Now we want to focus on mitigation: making sure that the little practical but important details are properly dealt with and not overlooked.”

Mr Care explained that the new homes would bring around 12,000 new residents to the area.

Barratt have also included plans for facilities, such as a medical centre, care home, primary school and nursery.

“But we don’t know at what point during the building these will be completed,” said Mr Care, “if they get built at all.

“Public services in Northampton are already stretched and governments cannot expect to build houses without providing additional money and facilities for the people living in them.

“The increased traffic, in our already busy town, will bring Northampton to a constant gridlock.”