Pizza delivery with a difference...straight from the oven on the back of a Land Rover

The Original Pizzabox's new vehicle-mounted oven.
The Original Pizzabox's new vehicle-mounted oven.

An entrepreneur has kitted out his Land Rover Defender with its very own pizza oven to drive round the streets of Northamptonshire.

Owner of the Daventry-based The Original Pizzabox, Marius Fletcher, said the move came after the business started to expand.

At a wedding they were hired for, with the old oven visible

At a wedding they were hired for, with the old oven visible

He said: “I started the business almost two years ago.

“I had worked in London and Paris and when I came back I didn’t want to get stuck in a 9-5 job. Having a mobile catering business was an idea I had and it ended up with me converting a horsebox on my drive with my dad.”

The Original Pizzabox sells pizzas outside village pubs, and also can be hired for events like wedding and parties. They also do events, like the Admiral Nelson Festival in Braunston.

Marius said: “We approached pubs that didn’t serve food, and proposed setting up on their land and selling the pizzas. It means people may come for a pizza and have a drink while waiting, stay at the pub rather than going home for food, or come out specially to a pizza and a few drinks.

The team after a long day's work

The team after a long day's work

“We also can be hired for events, and we go out to local festivals and fairs.

“Up to now we had the horsebox to make up the pizzas and sell them, and we had an oven on wheels for cooking them.

“But I found at some of the events we were doing, we couldn’t cook enough pizzas fast enough.

“I did some research and imported this oven from Italy. It had to be the right colours, and made of steel so it wouldn’t be as heavy as brick ovens.

“Then I had to find a Defender in the right colour for it to be fitted to. That wasn’t easy because they are a bit of a desirable car these days.

“Now the Defender with the oven attached can tow the horsebox to where we need to be.

“We could do two at a time in the old oven, now we can to four to six at the same time. The oven holds its heat well – unlike the old one where we had to keep putting the door on it – and the pizzas cook in about 90 seconds.

“It means we can expand and take on larger events with more people.”

The Original Pizzabox team sell outside the Royal Oak in Crick on Tuesdays, the Bakers Arms in Bugbrooke on Wednesdays, and on Thursdays and Fridays at the Foresters Arms in Nether Heyford – each night from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.