PICTURES: Northampton Balloon Festival restricted to single flight due to bad weather

The festival was restricted to one flight
The festival was restricted to one flight

The Northampton Balloon Festival was marred by unfavourable weather conditions last weekend, though organisers were able to take some comfort in the fact it was an improvement on last year's edition in which not a single pilot was able to take to the skies.

Wind and rain prevented any flights until Sunday morning, but crowds were nonetheless kept entertained by the programme of events.

"We tried to do what we could during the day," said organiser Wendy Rousell.

"If it's too wet and too windy we just can't fly."

She added: "Most of the feedback has been positive. We have done something every day."

Wendy was pleased they managed to go ahead with the Saturday night glow show, in spite of the conditions. Rather than lighting up the balloons they opted to go "bottom ends" only, meaning the show consisted of the baskets and their burners only.

Around 35 baskets took part in the glow and Wendy believes this is the largest ever group to take part in a basket-only glow in the UK.