PICTURE SPECIAL: Mother terrified of spider infestation at Ecton Brook home

A mother of two small children has said she is scared to use her own garden after she found her street infested with “aggressive” spiders.

Kayleigh Jacques, who lives in Saltwell Square, in Ecton Brook, with her daughters Morgan, aged six, and Georgia, three, first saw a tube web spider outside her house 
last summer.

She got rid of it and thought nothing of it until she recently found two more living in a hole in her outdoor wall, and one was carrying an egg sac.

A concerned Ms Jacques yesterday walked around Ecton Brook and noticed evidence of the spiders’ distinctive tube-shaped web in cavities in many houses.

She said: “The street is completely infested.

“About 90 per cent of the houses here are council owned but when I tried contacting Northampton Borough they didn’t want to know and just told me to call pest control.

“But they basically laughed at me and told me there would be no point coming to get rid of them from my house if they were in other houses 
as well.”

The pest control also reportedly told her that, due to funding cuts, they now only went out to houses who call 
about rats.

Ms Jacques said: “Everyone has been fobbing me off because the spiders are not known to be fatally venomous, but they are aggressive and have a painful bite.

“I haven’t slept in two days worrying about them getting inside the house.

“I think it’s ridiculous that I am paying rent to live in a house I am scared to use and no-one will do anything.”

At a loss, Ms Kayleigh called the Natural History Museum who confirmed the spiders were rarely deadly but will quickly bite when provoked.

They said that they can be got rid of by spraying the nest and egg-carrying spiders with wasp killer.

The tube web spider is recognised by its web and bright green fangs. It can grow up to 2cm long.


FACTS: Tube spiders (Segestria Florentina)

*These spiders are not venomous. However have a very painful bite equivalent to a deep injection, pain lasting several hours

*They are about 25mm-45mm long but can be bigger

*Shaped like a beetle and are black with very distinctive green fangs

*These spiders are not known to attack unless they are provoked

*They are nocturnal so only come out at night, however they have seen them in the daytime,

*Eat bugs and insects such as wasps

*They breed rapidly