PICTURE GALLERY: Son ran London Marathon for popular Northamptonshire landlord who took his own life

The son of a Northamptonshire pub landlord who took his own life has talked of an emotional London Marathon run, which he used to raise awareness of depression.

Les Adams, aged 64, the popular former licensee of the White Horse in Silverstone, killed himself in March last year.

His death came as a particular shock to his family becasue he gave no signs that he was feeling low.

His son, Ben, yesterday ran the London Mararthon for the MIND charity, which helps people with mental health problems.

Ben said: “It was a wake-up call, what happened to dad.

“He was laughing and joking around the, pub going round with a smile on his face, making sure everyone else was okay.

“The fact was, he kept his depression well-hidden. I had no idea until he died how deep depression could go.”

Ben, aged 35, from Towcester, used the marathon to encourage people to recognise signs of depression offer support to friends and family members.

Yesterday he crossed the line in about five hours - an hour quicker than he had planned - raising £2,500.

He said: “The atmosphere and crowds for the whole event was completely overwhelming.

Les Adams, former landlord of The White Horse in Silverstone

Les Adams, former landlord of The White Horse in Silverstone

“They were shouting my name, giving me high fives; everything. I had to rein myself in to stop me going too fast.”

Pete Humble, 39, from Spinney Hill, Northampton, also ran the 26 mile course for his own dad, as well as his father in law.

Alan Humble, from Moulton, died aged two years ago from the effects of smoking and Pete’s father-in-law, Rick Chaplin, aged 68, died from prostate cancer.

Pete said: “Yesterday would have been my dad’s 75th birthday, and thinking of him helped me get through it.

I was thinking what my dad would say to me and imagined it would have bee something like: ‘C’mon, boy, get yourself going again.

Ben Adams

“The first half of the marathon was fine but by the time I got to 16 miles I was cramping up pretty badly.

“I was thinking what my dad would say to me and imagined it would have bee something like: ‘C’mon, boy, get yourself going again.”

Pete took up running in January 2014 and it ended up making him give up his own smoking habit, something he says would have staggered his dad.

At first he could only run two-and-a-half miles and was stopping 10 times per run.

Yesterday, running for Prostate Cancer UK, Pete posted a time 40 minutes slower than he would have liked (he was aiming for around four hours), but was very pleased to have raised money in the fight against a disease that took his father-in-law.

He said: “Both my dad and Rick were big men in my life.

Dave kelly, JP Mitchell, Francis Hale and Dan Doherty NNL-150428-155703001

Dave kelly, JP Mitchell, Francis Hale and Dan Doherty NNL-150428-155703001

“Rick was a good bloke and a great grandad and it felt right to run for this cause.”


Dozens of other runners from Northamptonshire also took part in the London Marathon.

Josie Pickering: “My friend Linda Cottingham and I completed London Marathon yesterday in 6hrs 32m 42s. We were running for Headway East Northants and had to walk most of the last half as my friend hurt her knee. We were determined to finish together and we crossed the line hand in hand.”

Dean Boor: “I completed the London Marathon in 4 hours 31 for Brain Research Trust.”

Gwen Holmes: 04.32.22 - Whizz-Kidz

Robert Woodford: I ran for Northamptonshire based charity Autism Concern. I completed it in less than 4hrs30mins and raised £2500 for charity; money which stays in the county.”

Lee Michael Porter: 4hours 39 min - ran for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association

Victoria Tysoe White: “I did it in 6hrs10mins and raised £1868 for Autism Concern.”

Tim Molloy: “Myself and running partner Jo Cayton completed the London marathon in a time of 4:35:50 (a PB of over 20 minutes for us both).

“We also raised over £5,000 between us for our respective charities make-a-wish Foundation uk and Northants & Warwickshire air ambulance.

“An amazing day and unique experience - the crowd support was out of this world.”

Becky Harris: “I ran along with a friend Emma Watkin from Northampton raising money for Cransley Hospice and Macs in 4hr 39 mins.”

Cally Berkshire: “Completed in 4hrs 31mins 50secs. Running for Headway East Northants. Amazing experience.”

Niall Gardiner: 3.27 - autism concern

Chris Lamb: “I ran the London Marathon yesterday in a time of 2.46.12 (a PB by nearly 3 minutes). Finished in 540th place. I was running for Rugby & Northampton AC & Parklands Jog & Run.”

Lee McIntosh: “Completed my first marathon in 6:16:25 with 2 bad knees and 2 bad feet!!! Was running for MSUK with my mum and dad.”

Joseph Shirley: “I ran yesterday’s London marathon. I ran for a charity called RP Fighting Blindness & raised over £2,000 for them!”

Ruth Walker: “This was my second London marathon - I did it in 5hrs 48 mins for the Hertfordshire ms therapy centre. It was amazing.”

Neil Dalby: “I managed to finish the London Marathon with a twisted knee and a time of 4Hr 19mins. I did it for the Alzheimer’s Society!”

Amie Brotherton: “I completed it in 4 hours 30 mins! Very happy and raised over £2,000 for Medical Action Research for Children! Feeling pretty good this morning!!!!”

Rebecca Williams: “I Got a ballot place and decided to raise money also for a great charity Elimination Leukaemia Fund (ELF) to celebrate my dad surviving Leukaemia and to help others in the future!

“Finished in 4:52 and raised so far £1000 this kept me running after an injury at 15miles .

“Feeling proud today and proud of those who donated and supported.”

Louisa Stones: “I ran in memory of my Dad, I have raised nearly £1500 for Cynthia Spencer Hospice. 4 hours 28 mins.”

Sarah Potter: “6 hrs 13 and ran for sands. First ever marathon.”

Thomas Alex Winkler: “I completed the Silverstone half, Northampton half and London marathon for shelter! I managed the marathon in 4:45:05 and raised over £3000!”

Nicola Hollowell: “My first marathon. It was an awesome day. I’d definitely take part again the support is amazing.”

Peter Malin: “I finished in 4:14. A fantastic day and raised over £4300 for MNDA.”

Emma Beevor: “Completed it in 4hrs 17min, did it for asthma!”

Nikki Hemmings: “Super proud of my husband Tony Hemmings shaving 1/2 HR off his previous VLM time...pb now of 4:37:54..running for Mencap raising £5830!!!”

Pete Humble: “4:40 - prostate cancer - £3000”

Kelly Brown: “Ran the marathon yesterday after major neck surgery this time last year, didn’t think I would run again, training hard and after a few injuries over the last 3 months I managed it in 5.17 all for children with cancer, £2300 raised so far... The most amazing thing I’ve ever done & would put the pain close to child birth but loved every single painful step.”

Marc Sullivan: “4hrs45mins for children with cancer UK in memory of my daughter Rosie Sullivan


Gemma & Ben Harte: “ 4:59 - raising money for Cardiac Risk in the young (C.R.Y) raised £4400 (Gift aid to go on top of that)! Amazing experience and so grateful for the crowds cheering and support from friends and family!”

Samantha Dickson: “So proud of hubby and father Paul Dickson for his 2nd London Marathon beating his first time. 5hrs and 16mins and running for Children with Cancer and raising over £1100. Well done and a huge thanks to everyone who came to London to support him. Shirley Dickson David Dickson Louise Traynor Lee Traynor Bailey Dickson Sharon Weston Hughes Shannon Leigh Muir Nicola Muir Rob Muir Nicola Wilson Nick Wilson Cameron Heron Scott Muir, Eden Dickson, Sonny Traynor, Miller Traynor, Dylan Muir, Dean Foley, Kirsty Foley, Lucy and Jessica Foley x x”

Julieanne Jones: “I’m 37 and ran my first ever marathon on Sunday. I ran for Headway East Northants and completed it in 5hrs 42mins.”

Rachel Cave: “It’s hard to say just how well we did as a club yesterday, it was truly amazing, the smallest club in the county, but we had more sub 3 hour runners than any other club in the county fact.

we had 8 runners and 6 personal bests.”

Dave Kelly 2.46.20 PB

JP 2.47.23 PB

FRANCIS 2.51.47 PB

DAN 2.54.09

JAY 2.59.22 PB

BEN 3.21.35 PB

JULIE 3.29.48

TONY 3.48.48 PB

FIONA 3.51.26 PB

Julieanne Jones NNL-150428-155713001

Julieanne Jones NNL-150428-155713001