PICTURE GALLERY: Northamptonshire black and white photos club shows its skills

Chicago car park
Chicago car park

A Northamptonshire-based photography club that deals exclusively in black and white images is using examples of its work to entice new members.

The East Midlands Monochrome Group is one of a small number of societies in the country devoted purely to monochrome photography.

Vase in a room

Vase in a room

It meets on the first and third Wednesdays of the month in the village hall in Sywell and is keen for more people to boost its ranks.

Member Bob Holt said: “Legend has it that the group started as a result of a conversation between two keen photographers who were concerned that club photography at the time was not giving monochrome photography a fair crack of the whip. “A meeting was held in March 1999 and it was decided there was enough interest to hold regular meetings.

“From these small beginnings the group has gone from strength to strength.”

A programme of activities devoted purely to topics of interest on monochrome photography is supplemented by a range of regular summer excursions.

One of the great strengths of the group, Mr Holt says, is that it gives members opportunities to develop monochrome photography skills sometimes neglected by other societies.

It also has a permanent travelling exhibition of nearly 70 members’ pictures that visits a large number of venues in the East Midlands.

Examples of work submitted for exhibitions and examples of other work from members can be seen on the club’s website here.