PICTURE GALLERY: Northampton neighbourhood pulls together to clean up their homes after 'biblical' flash flooding

Piles of ruined carpets, furniture and belongings were stacked up outside people's homes in Northampton today in the wake of last night's 'biblical' flash flooding.

Monday, 28th May 2018, 9:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:54 am
St Leonard's Road, in Far Cotton, was left picking up the pieces from last night's thunderstorms today.

The homeowners and neighbours in St Leonard's Road, Far Cotton, have spent their bank holiday Monday today (May 28) stripping out soaked furnishings and figuring out how to come back from yesterday's thunderstorms.

They are just some of the hundreds of people across Northampton counting the cost of the damage.

Richard Short, 36, was at home at 9pm last night when he and his partner heard the sound of rushing water by their front door.

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Richard Short and his partner watched as four inches of brown floodwater swept through their home.

He said: "It was biblical. Out the window, it looked like the whole street was underwater. Binbags were just floating down the road.

"Then it started gushing under the door. The kids were crying their eyes out."

Richard had to watch as six inches of brown floodwater ran through his house and soaked his living room and kitchen.

The Met Office has reported 64 millimetres of rain fell in just two hours in Northampton last night.

One of St Leonard's Drains before it was cleaned. Many residents have complained that they were blocked before the storm hit.

But there is anger in St Leonard's Road that the street's drains have been "neglected" by Anglian Water and were blocked when the rains hit.

Contractors were out today flushing out St Leonards' drains. In some cases, workers had to resort to using crowbars to dig out blockages.

One worker said on the occasions they have come to clean St Leonard's drains, parked cars often block their access to gutters.

Richard said: "Of course they’ve had the trucks out today, but it's too little too late. Those drains were just full of silt and muck.

Contractors work to clean St Leonard's drains. Many residents say the drains in the area were blocked when the rains hit.

"We have been neglected. I’m worried I’ll have to move out but I can’t afford to do that. We've had to send the kids to their grandparents'. I don't know what I'm going to do.

"I will be expecting compensation from the council."

One resident, Kath Mobbs, was also hit by the Easter floods 20 years ago.

She said: "This is no comparison. It came up to my hips 20 years ago. This time, it's only come up to my ankles.

Many businesses were also left assessing the damage in their shops.

"It feels like I pay my council tax for nothing. They've neglected the drains and because of that the people are suffering."

Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue officers were also out to offer advice on making a home safe following flooding.

Members of St George's Siri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh community also came out to support the neighbourhood with drinks and food.

Hazel Harris, owner of Dazels costume store, said: "Everyone has come together and pitched in to help. The worst of times brings out the best in people.

"If the water had risen another inch my costumes would be ruined. I would be thinking about closing for good."

Piles of ruined carpets and belongings were left out in the street.
Homeowners have been left to deal with the worst of the damage.