Petition to save Tree Top Way in forest near Northampton hits 21,000 signatures

Sign the petition to save the Salcey Tree Top Way at:
Sign the petition to save the Salcey Tree Top Way at:

A petition to carry out vital repairs on a popular tree-top walk in a forest near Northampton has gained over 21,000 signatures in just three days.

Visitors to Salcery Forest last week found the entrance to the Tree Top Way fenced off following an inspection by the Forestry Commission.

The walk was fenced off on May 10.

The walk was fenced off on May 10.

Sources say they have spotted rotten timbers along the structure and inspectors say they don't know how long the walk will be shut for. Some residents fear the walk will be torn down.

Now, over 21,000 people have pledged their support "Save Salcey Forest Treetop Walk" through an online petition.

"Salcey Forest Treetop Walk is being closed, apparently due to neglect, as it has now become too dangerous to use," reads the petition by Northamptonshire resident Emma Mooney.

"The treetop walk is a large part of our community and hundreds of visitors, families and walkers will now be missing the opportunity to visit the forest for this fantastic addition to Northamptonshire countryside."

The Tree Top Way is a quarter-mile route that rises to 20 metres above the forest floor, and at its height offers a view above the trees. It opened in 2005 and reportedly cost £750,000 to build.

A spokesperson from The Forestry Commission said: "The Tree Top Way at Salcey Forest is currently closed following a safety inspection that indicates we need to review a number of maintenance options.

"At this stage we don’t know how long this closure will be for.

"However there is still lots to see and do at Salcey Forest, including our walking and cycling trails, the play area, excellent onsite cafe and the beautiful forest itself."