Watch as music blares from party at University of Northampton which leaves nearby residents angry and 'trapped'

The university said the noise would be similar to 'passing traffic', however, one resident said it was more like 'a motorway in wet weather'

Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 11:13 am

Residents in a Northampton street have been left frustrated following a late night university party playing loud music.

The University of Northampton put on a three-day event between Friday and Sunday (October 1 to 3) at its Waterside Campus to welcome students back for the new academic year.

The event was also to help refamiliarise students with life on campus following the last 18-months where they worked from home due to the Covid crisis.

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The event was held at the university's Waterside Campus, which is close to residential homes

The university wrote in a press release to councillor Julie Davenport that there would be two stages, a marquee, fairground rides, and a licensed bar.

The press release also said the event would close at 10pm on Friday and Saturday and that the noise would be similar to 'passing traffic' in the area.

However, residents who live nearby took to the Far Cotton and Delapre Facebook page to voice their displeasure as the party went on until 10.35pm and kept them up.

Asked if the music was similar to 'passing traffic', one resident said: "It was louder than that. On Saturday, they got to 10.30pm and put Oasis on.

"I don't mind Oasis but they kept playing with the volume - the sound was louder than light traffic. It was more like a motorway in wet weather.

"I'm glad it stopped then [10.30pm], but it was still too late and way too close to residents.

"I reported it to the police who said it's out of their hands because it's run by the council.

"The university refused to stop it going ahead. Yes, it's only the weekend but that's not the point, our houses are way to near to the stage.

"I felt extremely trapped."

Another resident said the bass from the music caused her house to 'vibrate'

Councillor Davenport, of the Far Cotton and Delapre ward, said she would have 'hated' it and has called on the university to manage it better in future.

The councillor said: "It did sound very, very loud and it was very unfortunate for those who live nearby. I would have hated that but it was only for Freshers and welcoming people back after Covid.

"I do feel that there is a lot of land around there and the university could have used the field next to the Avon building, nearer to Becket's Park.

"I think, in future the university need to think more about the residents. I would not want to live there.

"I understand what the university was trying to do but the management was not good."

A University of Northampton spokesperson said: “The University - in partnership with our events management provider and in consultation with the council, environmental health and Northamptonshire Police - designed the stages and sound systems to operate within the strict sound restrictions in place for outdoor events of this nature.

"Sound levels were constantly monitored and recorded to ensure they did not exceed prescribed levels.

“The event on Saturday evening was scheduled to finish at 10.30pm and ended promptly on time.

"Through emails and letters to local addresses, we have strived to ensure neighbouring residents were aware the event would be taking place, and of timings acts would be on stage.

"However, if any residents did not receive updates regarding the finishing time on Saturday, we apologise.”