Travellers move on from Northampton park today after being served eviction notice

A large number of caravans have been moved on today from Dallington Park today after being served a Section 61 Notice.

Monday, 20th May 2019, 1:31 pm
A car seat has been left behind amongst the rubbish in Dallington Park today.

It was reported by this newspaper on Friday (May 17) that the Travellers have moved onto the large green space just off Dallington Park Road.

As of this morning (Monday) the group of Travellers have now moved on after they were issued with a Section 61 Notice on Friday, and have allegedly left behind gas cannisters, a car seat and several bin bags, some of which have been hung on nearby railings at the children's play park.

Travellers as of Monday afternoon have now arrived at Abington Park. It is not confirmed whether they are the same group who left Dallington Park.

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Some of the rubbish has been strewn across the railings next to the children's play area.

A group of around 14 caravans, with accompanying vans and cars, arrived on Errington Park, off Ryeland Road in Duston, on Saturday evening (May 13).

Last week the travellers had left the site, leaving behind piles of rubbish, human waste and gas cannisters.

During their four-night stay in Duston, Northamptonshire County Council received 65 complaints about the travellers.

Travellers then pitched up at Kingsthorpe Rec Ground on Wednesday morning.

It was not confirmed if the group in Kingsthorpe were the same travellers that has left Duston.

On Friday it was reported by local residents that the travellers have left Kingsthorpe.

At a similar time a large number of caravans descened onto Dallington Park.