Traffic lights in Kettering STILL not working

While some residents have commented on social media that they think the junction has been better without traffic light controls, others have said it is an accident waiting to happen.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 12:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th October 2019, 1:59 pm
The scene this morning.

Nick Edmunds, who owns Bella Emporio tattoo studio on the corner of Bowling Green Road said: “It’s terrible, we have seen so many near misses in the last couple of days.

“The road rage out there is terrible even when the lights are working. Peak times is just a mess out there.”

In a video filmed by Nick from his tattoo studio, cars can be seen hesitating before making their turns across the busy junction.

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Writing on Facebook, Nick said: “I hear nothing by car horns blaring. I’ve witnessed so many near accidents. How someone hasn’t been involved in a horrible RTA yet I’ll never understand.

“The pedestrian crossing lights are all out and pedestrians are running as fast as they can to get over the roads, this is a horrible accident waiting to happen.

“Our work colleague had to help a man in a wheelchair over the road this morning as he was too scared to go.”

Roads are the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council, who have been asked for comment.