Timeline of US diplomat scandal: How events have unfolded since tragic death of Northamptonshire's Harry Dunn

The diplomatic scandal surrounding the death of Northamptonshire's Harry Dunn has moved quickly in the past few days - but the story has been moving behind the scenes since August.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 4:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 8:42 am
The events surrounding the death of Harry Dunn have moved quickly in the past few days.

We have put together this timeline of all the events that have unfolded since Harry's tragic death in August.

August 27 - Motorcyclist Harry Dunn, 19, collides with a black Volvo XC90 on the B4031, Park End, in Croughton at around 8.25pm. - Reportedly, the Volvo left nearby RAF Croughton minutes before and drove "on the wrong side of the road" for 400 yards before the collision. - East Midlands Ambulance Service receives 999 call about the crash at 8.25pm. - EMAS dispatches a paramedic in an ambulance car, a doctor in a car and a crewed ambulance. - According to Harry's family, "the ambulance took 50 minutes to arrive". - Harry Dunn is transported to John Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. Sadly, he dies shortly afterwards.August 28 - Northamptonshire Police speak with Anne Sacoolas, 42, the wife of a US diplomat and a suspect in the crash. - Mrs Sacoolas has diplomatic immunity. This means she cannot be arrested or prosecuted for any crime or civil case until it is waived by the US State Department. - In later statements, Northamptonshire Police say Mrs Sacoolas "engaged fully" with officers, claimed she had "no plan" to leave the country. - In later interviews, Harry's parents claim they Mrs Sacoolas had admitted fault at the scene and later to officers. - Northamptonshire Police apply for a waiver for Mrs Sacoolas' diplomatic immunity.August 31 - Supporters from both teams at a Northampton Town Football Club match against Plymouth Argyle hold 60 seconds of applause at the 19th minute in Harry's memory. Harry was a season ticket holder and a "Cobblers fan at heart".

September 16 - Northamptonshire Police is informed that the diplomatic waiver has been declined - This is also when Northamptonshire Police are first told that Mrs Sacoolas has left the UK sometime between August 28 and September 16. - This also means Northamptonshire Police do not know when or how Mrs Sacoolas left the country.

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Harry Dunn was killed on the B4071 Park End, near Croughton in August.

September 18 - Hundreds of friends and family attend Harry Dunn's funeral at Banbury Crematorium. September 23 - Harry's family is informed that Mrs Sacoolas has left the UK.

October 2 - Harry's family create the "Justice 4 Harry" GoFundMe page to help pay for any legal costs needed to bring Anne Sacoolas back to the UK. As of October 9, it has raised over £15,600.

October 4 - Northamptonshire Police confirm in a statement that "a 42-year-old American suspect" has left the UK. - The statement reads: “Harry Dunn’s family deserve justice and in order to achieve this, a full and thorough investigation, with the assistance of all parties involved, needs to take place. - Harry's parents Tim Dunn and Charlotte Church also appear on Sky News and call on President Trump to intervene and return Anne Sacoolas to the UK.October 5 - US State Department says in a statement that diplomatic immunity is 'rarely waived'.October 6 - Sky News name Anne Sacoolas as the suspect in the case.

October 7 - After the weekend's news, Harry's story becomes the centre of national uproar and media attention. - Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley speaks on BBC Radio 4 to urge Mrs Sacoolas to "do the right thing" and face justice in the UK. - Boris Johnson claims he will speak to US Government about the situation and would ask for Mrs Sacoolas' return. - #JusticeForHarry and Anne Sacoolas' name trends on Twitter.

A sample of the support from Northampton residents calling for #JusticeForHarry on Twitter.

October 9 - Harry's family reportedly come away "angry and frustrated" from a meeting with foreign secretary Dominic Raab. - Tim Dunn tells the Chronicle and Echo that they feel they have been "kept in the dark" about the scandal and call the lack of information from the US "smoke and mirrors".