The moment police raid a Corby house and find a brothel run by a major crime gang

Officers raided the house in March 2020

By Kate Cronin
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 12:59 pm

This is the moment that police officers burst into a smart house on a quiet Corby street and discover a brothel being run by a organised crime ring.

Officers raided the house in Buttercup Close on the Oakley Vale estate on March 4, 2020.

They knew that Mariusz Moniuszko was living there, a man who had already been arrested six months previously for running brothels in Surrey.Inside, they found another brothel, the fourth in a string of five being run by a Polish crime gang that they managed to shut down.

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Officers break down the door of the house in Buttercup Close

The video, released by Surrey Police, shows officers driving down Buttercup Close before smashing in the door of the property and bursting into a bedroom where women had been coerced to work as prostitutes.

A court case last week heard the horrifying details of how girls from Poland had been forced to work in brothels being run by a gang controlled by Moniuszko, Adrian and Dariusz Sieredzinksi, with Justyna Sierdzinska, from Kettering, and Magdalena Drozdzal working as receptionists.

The gang was sentenced at a hearing at Guildford Crown Court following a two-and-a-half-year police investigation. It is thought that up to 100 women had been targeted by the group.

Adrian Dariusz will be tried for his part in the conspiracy in Poland later this year.

Mariusz Moniuszko was a 'normal guy' according to those who had previously worked with him at Comet in Corby

After the hearing, Detective Sergeant Martyn Linton of Surrey Police said that they were continuing in their attempts to tackle this type of crime.

He said: "This started on September 19, 2019, when we executed a warrant in Sunbury-on-Thames. That led to a series of warrants being executed at numerous addresses.

"A number of individuals were identified and that led to the discovery of an organised crime group operating across the country."

He said that dozens of fake identity cards were being used to open UK bank accounts through which hundreds of thousands of pounds were being laundered.

The bank cards and Polish identity documents found by police. They'd been used to launder hundreds of thousands of pounds.

"Moving forward, we need to carry on, we need to keep the heat up," he said.

"There are more groups operating in this area of criminality. They are making astronomical sums of money and preying on vulnerability.

"They will use pressure tactics, they will use fear, they will use violence in some cases to control these individuals.

He said those who had spoken to officers had shown 'remarkable bravery,' adding: "Those who have given evidence in court, it really has made the difference because it's rare to get prosecutions of this nature and to be quite honest we wouldn't have had these convictions had these people not given evidence in live court.

"We're still speaking to people in the UK and the Polish are doing the same.

"These people have been through absolute hell and I admire their strength."

People living in Corby have since told this newspaper that Moniuszko, a man they described as a 'normal guy', had been living in Corby for up to two decades after having arrived in the town to work at the Comet distribution warehouse. Neighbours said they had reported concerns about what was going on in the house to police on numerous occasions, and that since the closure of the brothel, would-be punters continue to turn up.

Anyone with concerns about modern day slavery, including where they believe women may be being forced to work in brothels, should call the Modern Day Slavery helpline on 08000 121 700.