“Sickening”: Family of Harry Dunn heartbroken to learn Boris Johnson knew of Chris Pincher complaints

Chris Pincher was the Foreign Office minister at the time of Harry Dunn’s collision, and was responsible for the UK’s relationship with America.

Today (July 5), it has been revealed that Boris Johnson was made aware of the formal complaint made about Chris Pincher’s “inappropriate behaviour” while he was a Foreign Office minister from 2019-20.

This was around the time Harry Dunn, aged 19, from Charlton, died in hospital after being in a collision with a car while on his motorbike.

The driver of the car was Anne Sacoolas, the wife of an American spy, who was driving on the wrong side of the road.

The Justice 4 Harry campaign

Despite Ms Sacoolas, 42, having admitted to being in the right-hand carriageway at the time of the collision, she was given diplomatic immunity.

Northamptonshire Police continued the investigation into the crash and applied for her diplomatic immunity, which she had because of her husband, to be waived.

On September 16 2019, the force were informed the waiver had been declined and Ms Sacoolas had flown back to the US.

Radd Seiger, the representative of the Dunn family, said: “We are absolutely heartbroken that at the moment of time when we needed the Government the most, Chris Pincher was in a scandal.

“We have more questions than answers.”

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Everything you need to know about Harry Dunn and his family's fight for justice

Chris Pincher, as a Foreign Office minister at the time, was the official in charge of the UK’s relationship with America.

After the incident first happened, the family requested the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) meet with them within five days - and after this time, they planned to launch a public campaign for Harry.

As a result of the FCDO not meeting with them, the family launched “one of the best campaigns in living memory”.

Following the involvement of the media, Mr Seiger “could not keep the Government away” and he described their actions as “performative”.

“We can’t tell you how upset we are to have learned the news about Chris Pincher,” said Mr Seiger.

“We feel so much anger and passion to get answers about what was going on. Something clearly wasn’t right.

“What was Chris Pincher doing? He certainly wasn’t thinking about us.”

The FCDO has said “there were decisions made that shouldn’t have been made”, and the family is unsure of what this truly means.

So far, the FCDO has only apologised to Harry Dunn’s family privately and Mr Seiger says “a full enquiry into their actions is needed when the case is concluded”.

The Government very quickly lost the trust of the family as when a meeting was finally arranged after the case received media attention, Dominic Raab promised “good news”.

They were met with the news that America had refused to waive Ms Sacoolas’ diplomatic immunity, and Mr Seiger says they were lied to.

Mr Seiger said: “We knew the Government were not the right people to take the fight to America, so we travelled to Washington to get them as fired up about the case as British people were.

“The Government was crawling on their hands and knees back to us, but we will never be able to trust them again.”

The family are still fighting for justice and are coming to terms with this “sickening” news.