Sack of 'asbestos' has been lying on Northampton neighbourhood for over a week, says councillor

A pile of what appears to be asbestos insulation has been lying in a Northampton neighbourhood for over a week despite being reported to the borough council.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 12:38 pm
Councillor Enam Haque says he is "very upset" that the potentially hazardous sheets have not been cleared away.

Dozens of corrugated concrete sheets and a sack of smaller cracked pieces have been left untouched on a corner in Tower Street, Spring Boroughs, since at least Wednesday last week (July 17).

But despite several warnings and reports to the council's flytipping service, the potentially hazardous material is yet to be taken away.

Councillor Enam Haque (Castle, Lab.) says he flagged the dumped material on Friday last week using the council's flytipping app.

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Councillor Enam Haque says he is "very upset" that the potentially hazardous sheets have not been cleared away.

"I'm very annoyed about this," said Councillor Haque. "Even if it isn't asbestos, if there is even a chance it could be then it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

"I'm very upset at the level of service. I have reported it, my colleague Councillor Muna Cali has reported it, and a neighbourhood warden has reported it - but still, nothing has been done."

Asbestos was a common insulation material in the 20th-Century but has since been branded a health hazard because exposure to its dust particles can cause mesothelioma, a type of fatal lung cancer.

The sack of sheeting in Tower Street is partially blocking the pavement and broken fragments have spilt out onto the road.

Dozens of the corrugated sheets are lying in Tower Street.

Councillor Haque said: "It isn't good enough. There is a school nearby and kids play in the streets every day. Kids don't know what this stuff is but it's still lying there where it can be kicked, broken or even played with.

"It is potentially hazardous and my main priority is to have it removed as soon as possible."

Northampton Borough Council works with environmental contractors Veolia to deal with flytipping and hazardous waste.

A council spokesman said: “In the case of materials suspected of containing asbestos, we have to commission a specialist contractor for clearance. This can take a few days depending on how much work they already have on.

Cllr Enam Haque: "Even if it isn't asbestos, if there is a chance it could be it needs to be cleared away now."

“In this particular case, we have evidence which we believe will lead us to the culprit and we will be looking to enforce.”

To report flytipping or other problems to the borough council, visit the 'report a problem' webpage.