Red Bull’s BMX star Sebastian Keep uses Northampton shopping centre as backdrop to new daredevil stunts

The rider used a bridge and the outside wall of the centre to perform a breath-taking stunt

Friday, 26th November 2021, 11:03 am
Sebastian Keep at Weston Favell Shopping Centre.

A star BMX rider used a Northampton shopping centre as a backdrop in his new edit of daredevil stunts.

Sebastian Keep who rides for Red Bull created his first edit ‘Walls’ back in 2017.

Over the last two years, he has been filming his new edit ‘More Walls’, which has taken him to places across the UK including Northampton.

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Sebastian filmed many scenes in Northampton, including at Weston Favell Shopping Centre where he used the bridge and the side of the building to perform a heart-stopping stunt.

He said: “I now have a bigger responsibility, so in many ways More Walls has had to be more structured and more rigorous, but as a result of that, we’ve been able to go bigger and further.”

For Sebastian, it has always been about discovering the opportunities in local communities and areas, and seeing something that no one else can see.

He added: “You don’t need to travel far to discover amazing riding spots in this country - obviously travel has been restricted anyway, but More Walls is about showcasing these spots around the UK.”

One of the main differences from the original edit is the time to set up the ramps and traffic management, rather than having to set up in secret, but he still takes on huge bridges, massive drops and speedy ramps.