Picture show landfill rubbish being dug up in Sixfields excavation

Workers have been on site for the past couple of weeks in Sixfields carrying out grounds maintenance works to the vast majority of Cineworld car park.

The car park remains cordoned off to the public as diggers continue with excavation works but when the Chronicle & Echo asked Cineworld when the car park will reopen they said the land was privately owned and they could not offer a comment.

The picture appears to show former landfill being dug up.

The picture appears to show former landfill being dug up.

A new picture sent into the Chron this week show what appears to be diggers uncovering landfill.

Previously this newspaper has reported how residents were concerned that solvents and metals were buried in the site and could become dangerous to future residents.

And other severe potential hazards include the build-up of ground gas, a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane from decomposing organic matter.

The site had a tramway through it leading to two offsite quarries which were later turned to landfills.

Although now covered in tarmac, the site is believed to consist of ‘made ground’ from construction or demolition fills, land-raising and material from Weedon Road landfill.