Northampton woman becomes personal trainer despite battling MS

Personal trainer, Kerry Maguire
Personal trainer, Kerry Maguire

A Northampton woman with multiple sclerosis has defied all odds to become a personal trainer.

Kerry Maguire of East Hunsbury was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) in December 2009 and started to hit the gym to improve her mobility.

After discovering her love for weight lifting Mrs Maguire qualified as a personal trainer, and a nutritionist advisor in 2015.

Three weeks ago Mrs Maguire started work at a gym in Sol Central and says the most important thing she asks her clients is ‘who are you doing this for?’

When talking about her own experience in the gym, she said: “As my husband puts it, I’m bloody-minded because to get into that gym with a stick at the time and say right I’m going to go on this weights mat with the boys and everyone else looking at themselves in the mirror.

“It was like you have to ignore them. You are there for yourself.”

In November 2009 Mrs Maguire and her husband went deep sea diving on holiday in Egypt when she found herself ‘unusually tired’.

When she got back to Gatwick, Mrs Maguire collapsed and started crying.

She said: “It hit me that I couldn’t walk. “I was in bits then for the next few days.

Mrs Maguire made an appointment with the consultant at the hospital and was diagnosed with MS.

Since then the personal trainer has set up, ‘MOJObility,’ to help others who might be nervous going to the gym.