Northampton university student is on ‘educate to elevate’ mission with Youtube channel

A student who has faced up to and worked through the challenges of university life and living away from home has put her experience to good use by creating a YouTube channel devoted to helping her peers.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 12:00 pm
Pictured Adanna Eke who is on a mission to educate her peers about finance through social media.

Adanna Eke – who goes by the name of Dee – hails from Dagenham and is a final year Banking and Financial Planning student at the University of Northampton.

Noticing there is an abundance of advice for students but sometimes given from a non-student perspective, Dee decided to combine her degree knowledge and personal passion to pass advice on to others and created #DeeTalks.

The platform is an unofficial online ‘school’ – whose motto is ‘Educate2Elevate’ – a collection of short, light-hearted but informative videos in which she ‘Deemystifies’ the financial, social and personal brick walls students can encounter when they start university.

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The topics currently covered include:

Credit scores – understanding them and how to increase your score

Taking out credit cards

What to do when you find yourself in debt

How to save

Brexit for beginners

Buying a car and car finance options.

The aim is that the viewer/’student’ progresses through the videos and knocks down some of these walls and gets a clearer view on how the world works now they have cut the apron strings.

Dee explains: “I know what everyone’s going to think, that this is ‘another one of those hair/makeup channels’ – but no.

“I’ve done something a bit different and created a platform aimed at teens and young adults – although anyone can watch them as you’re never too old to learn – where I share all types of advice and information that might have been missed at school, college or uni.

“The problem I’ve found is there is no simple, single Google search where young people can access all of this information under one roof and given by someone they can relate to, someone who has, or still is, going through all of this. Students think: 'what do I do, where do I go to'? Explaining all of this is a real passion of mine – I’ve wanted to do it for years.”