Northampton pizza bar urges diners to eat out more after shock closure announcement

Brooklyn Pizza Bar has shut down after two years of trading.
Brooklyn Pizza Bar has shut down after two years of trading.

A prominent Northampton restaurant has closed down and blamed the public for the cause.

The 50-seat Brooklyn Pizza Bar in Fish Street opened in June 2017 after the bosses spent time exploring New York to study how authentic pizza restaurants worked.

But in a Facebook post on July 29 the pizza bar said it was their worst weekend trading since they opened - and recorded taking a minimal £75 between noon and 5pm on Saturday.

It was that weekend that made the business owner want to "shut the doors and go home".

He said: "We all see shops and other businesses in town closing. A lot of people start the blame game.

"It's the councils fault for putting parking costs up (yes, I say this too!) or rents are too high, rates are too high, the council should do more to make it cheaper, landlords should make it cheaper.

"They absolutely are all factors, but this got me thinking, what is the biggest factor. People."

As well as savoury options, the Brooklyn Pizza Bar offered diners the chance to indulge in a fruit pizza, topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas with a sprinkling of sugar - all made using fresh dough.

He went on to say trends in the way diners now consume food has changed - leading to people ordering from Just Eat and staying at home.

He added: "People decide whether to leave the house and go into town, or order online from Amazon, or Just Eat.

"People decide whether to go to a big chain restaurant than that local independent.

"People decide whether to go to Northampton, or Milton Keynes, or even Rushden Lakes.

"People decide all of these things. Not the council, not the government.

"I read it all the time in the Chronicle comments when somewhere shuts, [commentators start] the blame game.

"It's actually down to each and every one of us to think about the choices we make.

"It is by doing this that will help the town to develop, and become a better place. Of course, there are things that the council and government can do, but there is also a lot that us as consumers can do."

Last night (Tuesday) Brooklyn Pizza Bar announced on Facebook that it was the last time the restaurant would be trading but bosses said "watch this space."

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