Northampton McDonald's scolded by mother after serving cheeseburger in hamburger wrapper to dairy intolerant daughter

A mother is furious with McDonald's after her dairy intolerant daughter ate some of a cheeseburger that was served in a hamburger wrapper at a Northampton restaurant.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 5:52 pm
Dairy intolerant Brooke Millar was served a cheeseburger in a hamburger wrapper. Photos: Getty Images and Daniella Millar
Dairy intolerant Brooke Millar was served a cheeseburger in a hamburger wrapper. Photos: Getty Images and Daniella Millar

Daniella Millar's 20-month-old child Brooke suffered hives for days and even bled in her nappy after the ordeal with at the McDonald's on Kettering Road.

While staff did apologise at the restaurant, the mum from Kingsley has been less than impressed as no one has called her from head office to make sure this does not happen again.

"If your staff aren't trained then you shouldn't even be open. I want other people to be aware," she said.

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The wrapper Brooke Millar's burger was served in, with some leftover cheese

"I'm normally so vigilant and but she loves unwrapping her own food and it was in a hamburger wrapper. How was I to know? I'm just disgusted."

At around 5pm, Ms Millar's wife Jo told staff at the McDonald's by Morrison's about her daughter's severe allergy and asked for a freshly-made hamburger Happy Meal in the drive-thru.

When she got home, Brooke was left to enjoy what her mother thought was a hamburger but the parents quickly realised it had cheese in it and stopped her.

"She broke out in hives for five days, she was bleeding from her nappy. She looked like she had been in a fire. It was horrendous," she said.

Brooke Millar suffered hives and bled from her nappy after the ordeal at McDonald's

"It was just horrible for her. She couldn't sleep she was just a mess, poor thing."

Ms Millar went to complain at around 7.30pm and the business manager apologised and told her some of their staff members were new, which Ms Millar believes is not acceptable.

The mum wanted to speak to someone higher up in the company but has struggled so far - she was told a letter has been sent to her but she feels that is not enough.

"McDonald's haven't had the common courtesy to call me back," she said.

The hamburger wrapper Brook Millar's burger was served in, which turned out to be a cheeseburger

"They say they have sent a letter but I'm not interested in a letter. I want someone to call me and tell how they will make sure this never happens again."

A McDonald's spokesman said: “We recognise that this mistake was unacceptable and sincerely apologise to the customer in question.

"We have a number of procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders and are disappointed that in this case these were clearly not followed.

“We clearly communicate that we produce our food in kitchens where allergens are handled by our people, and where equipment and utensils are used for multiple menu items, including those containing allergens.

"While we try to keep things separate we cannot guarantee any item is allergen-free.

"When it comes to dairy, as with all allergens, we remind customers both within our restaurants and on our mobile app that they should ask a member of staff if they require allergen information.

"They will be provided with our allergen booklet which explains this.

“We would encourage the customer in question to contact our customer services team who would be more than happy to speak with them.”