Northampton father son baking duo craft World's Most Expensive Brownie for decadent Christmas treat

It's caked in gold leaf, it costs £1,000 and it comes with a bodyguard. The World's Most Expensive Brownie is on sale in Northampton.

Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 6:00 am
Father/son baking duo John and Leo have cooked up the world's most expensive brownie...

A Northampton father/son baking duo has crafted a decadent, special-delivery-only treat for the Christmas season.

Northampton's-own Brooklyn Bakery has announced The 24k Baller Brownie - a luxury chocolate square decorated end to end with gold leaf.

Baker John Lashley and his 12-year-old son Leo, who began crafting treats in the town earlier this year, say they want to make "the Willy Wonka experience" with their cooking.

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John said: "You could say 'why make this', but really the question is 'why not?'

"We were in the kitchen one day and Leo said how the brownies look like bricks - then he said it would be cool if they were gold bricks. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Then I just thought, yeah why not?"

John says all the ingredients of the brownie have been thought out to create the decadent squares. The sugar is a speciality vanilla and cacao infused brand and have tracked down 'blue eggs' for the batter.

Even the packaging has been upgraded to match its luxurious price tag - the seal is rigged with a glowing golden LED and miniature speaker to play the sounds of an angelic choir when the box is cracked open.

Inside rest 12 of the 24k gold leaf coated Baller Brownies, at a basic rate of £199.99 - or £16.66 a square.

On top of that are two upgrade packages - the first comes with a bottle of Ace of Spades Armand De Brignac Champagne and retails at £599.99.

The second - for the grand price of £1,000 - includes the brownies, the champagne and is hand-delivered by a licensed bodyguard on the same day with live tracking.

John said: "This has sprung up in time for Christmas but if it does well it may go on to be a regular product."