Northampton Academy celebrates 'best ever' GCSE results

Mia Bates, Alicia Opoku-Darkwa and Lily Dascombe.
Mia Bates, Alicia Opoku-Darkwa and Lily Dascombe.

Celebrations are underway at Northampton Academy today after the school achieved its best set of GCSE results to date.

Results showed that 64 per cent of students achieved five or more good passes (grade 4 or above) including English and maths – an increase of nine percentage points from last year.

Anthony Cox.

Anthony Cox.

The school also made 'strong improvements' in the government’s 'basics measure', representing the combined English and maths score.

Sixty-six per cent of students achieved a grade 4 or above in both English and maths, while almost half of students (46 per cent) achieved a grade 5 or above.

Alongside this, there were some impressive student success stories, including:

Luke Stoner, who achieved seven 9s, two A*s, one 8 and one 6.

Ehi Robinson

Ehi Robinson

Ehi Robinson, who achieved five 9s, three 8s, one A and one 6.

Bailey Beacall, who achieved four 9s, one A*, two 8s, one A, one 7 and two 6s.

Harry Comfort, who achieved three 9s, one A*, three 8s, one A, one 7, one 6 and one D*2.

Abzal Ali, who achieved three 9s, one A*, three 8s, one A, one 7 and one Merit.

Luke Stoner.

Luke Stoner.

Anthony Cox, who achieved two 9s, one A*, four 8s and three 7s.

Lily Dascombe, who achieved three 9s, four 8s, one A, one 7 and one 6.

Tommy Pancutt, who achieved five 9s, two 8s, one A and two 7s.

Luke Stoner said: “I’m buzzing, I’d hoped for grade 9s but didn’t expect to get 7 of them.

"I am staying at Northampton Academy Sixth Form to study maths, further maths and chemistry. I’d like to be either a mathematician or go into chemical engineering in the future.”

Abzal Ali said: “All the teachers have been so supportive, motivating me and teaching me things I could never have done on my own”.

Nat Parnell, principal of Northampton Academy, said: “Congratulations to all of our students on achieving our best ever set of GCSE results.

"At Northampton Academy, we are committed to academic excellence and this year’s impressive GCSE performance shows that we are continuing to make strong progress in helping our students to achieve the very top grades.

“It is always gratifying to see our students’ hard work and dedication pay off on results day and to have the opportunity to thank our staff for their tireless efforts and the ongoing support and guidance they provide.

"We look forward to building on our students’ promising GCSE performances in September as many of them return to begin their time in our academic Sixth Form.”