Mum issues safety warning to parents after son, 9, cuts hand on broken beer bottle at children's play area in Northampton

WARNING: This article contains an image of a injury.

By Logan MacLeod
Sunday, 29th May 2022, 7:50 am

A mother from Northampton has sent out a safety warning to parents after her son cut his hand open on a broken beer bottle in a children's play area.

Amy Jones was with her two sons at Abington Vale Park in Milverton Crescent on Saturday (May 21).

Her nine-year-old son Charlie went down the slide and cut his hand open on “buried” glass at the bottom of it.

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The play ground where the incident happened.

Amy, 30, said: "He's come running over with his hand pushed into his chest saying, 'mummy, mummy I think I have hurt myself, I don't want to look'.

"I presumed he had just grazed his hand because they're always falling over, like kids do. He then took his hand away from him and it was spurting with blood. We ran home and then went down to A&E.

"My reaction was dread when I saw his hand. I just felt so sorry for him, bless his heart. He went pale as anything, nearly passing out because he hates blood."

Amy added: "It's not something a nine-year-old should go through when it's not his fault.

Charlie's injury.

"The glass was buried next to a bin, so it's like someone has purposely buried this glass. I just don't get why you'd do that in a children's play area."

Charlie has since been in and out of A&E and the doctor's surgery in the last week.

Amy said: "We had the first A&E trip and they were absolutely brilliant. And then we have had three doctors trips now. They've all been fantastic but, obviously, Charlie's missing a lot of school.”

Amy, who is a childminder, said she now wants to warn other parents to check for glass in play areas.

She said: "Please, please, please check, double and triple check wherever you take your children to play.

"Charlie has been having to have Calpol religiously every four hours since Saturday. He now won’t be able to enjoy his half term and can’t take part in his much loved kickboxing until it’s completely healed.

"Please share this post to raise awareness. And if you have teenagers, show them this post to hopefully prevent them from breaking glass in play areas in the future."