How do you say the names of these places?

Mispronounced place names in Northamptonshire: 13 places that are always said wrong

Duston or Dusson? And how do you say Bozeat?

Friday, 17th June 2022, 1:59 pm

You might think there are not many place names in Northamptonshire that can possibly be pronounced incorrectly.

However, you would be surprised how people from out of the area perceive some villages and towns in our county.

From Cogenhoe to Towcester, there are some places that really just get out-of-towners’ heads spinning.

And for those who live locally, there are also some places that we pronounce in ways that just do not make sense. Dusson, Wellingbru…

Here’s 13 place names in Northamptonshire that are mispronounced in one way or another.

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