Mike, 85, honoured by Northampton choir after 66 years of singing his heart out

A chorister, who has an 'infectious love for singing', has been honoured by Northampton Male Voice Choir after he retired from his post on the choir executive committee.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 5:34 pm
Mike Davis pictured (right) receiving the photo from the Northampton Male Voice Choir Chairman, John Waller.

Mike Davis, who has retired from his role as executive committee member, began singing at the tender age of seven as a chorister in his nearby church.

He joined the formerly named Northampton Men’s Own Choir in 1953, aged 19, when the choir’s former musical director recognised Mike’s great singing talent and persuaded him to remain with the choir.

Some 66 years later and Mike is still singing with the choir, which was renamed Northampton Male Voice Choir (NMVC) in 1980 and was honoured with a signed photograph of all the members.

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Mike, whose favourite song is 'What Would I Do Without My Music, said: “I’m thrilled and honoured that my involvement with the choir has been acknowledged in this way.

"It’s always been my wish for Northampton to be the home of a great male voice choir.

"Being a member of this wonderful choir has become a huge part of my life and I will strive to remain a member for as long as I can.”

Mike, who is a "dedicated member of the first tenor section", has been a member of the choir’s executive committee for 55 years.

He was choir secretary from 1961 to 1993 and, before the age of computers and word processing, would conscientiously write out all the committee minutes by hand.

Chairman, John Waller, said: “Mike Davis is the perfect male voice chorister. He has a great voice and an infectious love of singing.

"His commitment is one hundred per cent and he is a great role model for all choristers.

"He enjoys the camaraderie and likes a pint.

"His contribution to the choir over 66 years as a member and by serving 55 years as a committee member has been immense and will probably never be repeated.”

NMVC musical director, Stephen Bell, added: “Mike Davis is solely responsible for asking me to become MD for the choir. It’s all his fault.

"Mike’s constant encouragement and support has been invaluable to me during my tenure as Musical Director of NMVC.

"I would go so far as to say that, without Mike Davis, the catalyst for recruitment campaigns and growth would simply not have happened.”