'I had an angel watching me': Dad-of-three escapes car blaze on way to work in Northampton

If Jermaine Charles had not swapped his shift the night before it could have been a different story.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 2:41 pm

The fire service rushed to Northampton's Bedford Road on Tuesday morning (January 21) after reports of a blazing car, which belonged to St Andrews healthcare assistant, Jermaine Charles.

Jermaine, of Weston Favell, managed to steer the Ford S-MAX to safety during rush hour traffic after he first smelt smoke at Barnes Meadow Interchange.

He parked up in Workbridge car park after claiming that sparks started to appear from an interior light inside his car.

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Jermaine's car caught fire yesterday (Tuesday) off Bedford Road, during rush hour.

While the car was parked off the main carriageway at about 7.25am he watched his car catch fire and turn into a shell of what it once used to be.

He said he was asked to swap his shift at the hospital only the night before, which meant his children were not in the car for the school run.

"I was not supposed to be working that day," Jermaine said. "But my shift was swapped the night before at last minute.

"If it had not, I would have been driving my kids to school. It's a blessing, I believe God protected me and had an angel on me. It could have been so much different.

Jermaine said he smelt smoke while he was going round the roundabout.

"I could not open the passenger door to get my phone out, I had to smash the window. My kids could have been locked in there, that's what is scaring me."

Northamptonshire Police confirmed the fire was caused by a vehicle defect and nobody was hurt.

"I'm still in shock. I could not sleep properly last night," he added.

"I had to get a new car on finance, which is going to have a big effect on me financially."

Jermaine thinks someone was watching over him to help him escape the car fire safely.