Harry Dunn's family have emotional meeting with President of the United States, Donald Trump, at The White House

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has told the family of Harry Dunn he would continue to look into the on-going diplomatic immunity row at a meeting in the White House.

Wednesday, 16th October 2019, 9:49 am
President of the United States, Donald Trump

Harry's parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn were told that the woman at the centre of the police investigation into the death of their son in August was in a room next door while the meeting was taking place.

But they turned down the offer, saying it should be conducted in a more controlled environment with the support of mediators and other experts.

Harry, of Charlton, near Brackley, died in hospital earlier this year after his motorcycle collided with an oncoming car on the B4031 Park End, Croughton, on August 27. He was 19.

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Harry Dunn

Yesterday, lawyers acting on behalf of Anne Sacoolas, 42, issued a statement saying that she was devastated by the "tragic accident" and wanted to meet the family to take responsibility and apologise.

But the statement did not make any reference to Mrs Sacoolas returning to the UK to face further questioning by police.

Harry's family have been in America this week, giving interviews to the media and continuing to fight for Mrs Sacoolas to be brought back. They have also started a legal action for a judicial review to look into how Mrs Sacoolas was able to leave the country under diplomatic immunity. A Go Fund Me page raising money for their legal costs now stands at nearly £60,000.

The family spoke to the media after the meeting at The White House.

Harry's mum, Charlotte, said: "When [President Trump] held my hand, I gripped it a lot tighter and I was honest with him and just said... 'if it was your son you would be doing the same as us'.

"He actually gripped my hand a little bit tighter and said 'yes I would be'. And that's when he said he would try and look at this from a different angle.

"I can only hope that he was sincere enough to consider doing that for us.

"He's the one in control here, but we're the ones in control of our situation as much as we can be - we still want justice for Harry and we will take it as far as we possibly can to ensure that that's done.

"We do feel that we have done as much as we can at the moment."

Harry's father, Tim, added that he did not feel that the meeting was a publicity stunt.

"I think the president was very graceful and spoke very well to us.

"He listened to Charlotte very well, she spoke excellently to him and he was very understanding.

"I genuinely do think he will look to resolve this in a way that will help us."

He also said that he did not feel the moment was right to meet Mrs Sacoolas.

"We weren't ready to meet her - it would have been too rushed. It's not what we wanted - we wanted a meeting with her in the UK," he said.

The battle to bring Mrs Sacoolas back to the UK continues.

A statement issued yesterday by Radd Seiger, the family's adviser and spokesman, said: "The search for justice for Harry, of course, includes a search for the truth. Harry’s family have never accepted that the driver had diplomatic immunity.

"This raises issues on both sides of the Atlantic and the family will not rest until they get to the bottom of why the driver was allowed to leave the UK and how in particular how the decision by both governments was reached.

"The parents have brought in lawyers in London who will shortly engage with the FCO to seek full disclosure in relation to their decision-making process so that a detailed investigation and enquiry may take place, followed possibly by a Judicial Review of their advice to the police.”