GRAPHIC CONTENT: Swan almost loses a leg after being attacked by 'out of control' dog in Abington Park, warns animal charity

Dog owners have been urged to keep their pets under control after a swan was savaged by dog at Abington Park, almost losing its leg.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:24 am

Roy Marriott, from Northamptonshire's Animals in Need, says he has rescued hundreds of swans over the years but this was by far the worst injury he had ever dealt with.

He said the team was called out to treat the swan on Thursday afternoon in one of the Northampton's most popular parks.

"An otherwise healthy adult male swan had almost had his left leg torn off by an out of control dog visiting the park," he said.

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The injured swan was treated by Animals In Need after being rescued at Abington Park

"Swans mate for life and left behind is his partner and young cygnets which she is now left to care for in her own," he added.

"The terribly injured male is now back at Animals In Need receiving treatment his chances of surviving are low!

"Please tell people to kept their dogs under control. Over the past 30 years I have rescued thousands of swans and this is by far the worst injury we have dealt with," he said.

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The injury received by the swan after it was attacked in Abington Park