Frustrated resident demands answers over 'neglected bins' in busy Northampton car park

A frustrated resident wants answers over who is responsible for "piles of rubbish and over-flowing bins" in a busy Northampton car park.

Wednesday, 10th July 2019, 10:43 am
A frustrated resident says he is "appalled" at the condition of bins on the NCP's St Peter's Way car park.

Kingsthorpe resident Keith Perryman says he was "appalled" at the state of littering in St Peter's Way car park, where refuse from bins is spilling out and fetching against fences up in mounds.

But while trying to find who was responsible for cleaning the town-centre car park, Mr Perryman was annoyed to find he could get no straight answer.

National company NCP took over running the top level of the car park - near Argos, Peacock and Pure Gym - in October 2017.

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A frustrated resident says he is "appalled" at the condition of bins on the NCP's St Peter's Way car park.

When Mr Perryman went to NCP for an answer, they reportedly told him to take it up with Northampton Borough Council.

And when he tried to take it up with Northampton Borough Council, they reportedly told him it was a job for NCP.

In a letter to the Chronicle and Echo, Mr Perryman said: "There has been a failure by NCP to maintain cleanliness.

"On a recent visit, I was appalled by the piles of rubbish by the over-flowing bins, together with litter spread all across the area.

NCP says there has been "confusion" over who is responsible for some bins on site.

"As well as being an eyesore, the neglected bins are a health hazard, attracting flies and even rats.

"This is surely not the way to encourage shoppers, expecting them to pay to park in such filthy conditions."

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council has since confirmed that the land is private and not the responsibility of the town's environmental contractors, Veolia.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for NCP said: "Until recently there was some confusion about whose responsibility it was to empty the bins, and we have had trouble accessing two of them as they needed a particular key.

NCP says they have been able to access two of the bins on site (pictured), and are working to access the others.

"However as of the beginning of this week (July 8), NCP staff on-site have been emptying the two bins they are able to access and making sure they clear the other two bins as far as they can so that they are tidy and not overflowing.

"Once we have access to the other two bins we will assume responsibility for those and make sure they are also regularly emptied."