Footballers needed for Northampton charity tournament for Daisy Ellis' fund with tribute to Glenn Davies

Daisy Ellis
Daisy Ellis

Football teams are needed for a charity tournament in Northampton to raise money for Daisy Ellis' potentially life-saving treatment and pay respects to Glenn Davies, who was killed over the bank holiday weekend.

Anyone is welcome to take part in the five-a-side tournament at Goals Northampton on Mereway on Sunday (September 1) - either by registering beforehand or turning up on the day.

Glenn Davies. Photo: Northamptonshire Police

Glenn Davies. Photo: Northamptonshire Police

Organiser Lewis Kurila was best friends with Glenn, who died after being attacked during a night-out on Saturday, and is also mates with Daisy, who needs £300,000 for cancer treatment not currently available in the UK.

"It's going to be emotional but I'm just trying to do what I can to help - you just want to put your input in to make a difference," he said.

Lewis, 25, set up the tournament to support Daisy's bid to pay for a US drug trial to be used in the UK as all other treatments for her aggressive form of cancer, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, have failed so far.

But following Glenn's death, the competition organiser decided to arrange a balloon release in memory of his childhood friend as part of the day.

"We were best friends since nursery when we were four-years-old, he lived four streets down from me - he's not just a friend but a family friend," he said.

"Everyone has been knocked back by it so to remember him on Sunday is the least we could do."

There will be up to 42 teams competing as well as a barbecue and live music - so far, 25 teams have paid deposits so there is still plenty of space for anyone interested.

At 1pm, all the games will pause for a memorial to Glenn with his sister and other friends due to be there - as was the 25-year-old before the 'pointless' attack on Saturday night.

Daisy is hoping to be there as well, which would be the first fundraising event she has been to since launching her appeal last month as she has been too ill and there have been so many.

"I have known Lewis for about five years, but never expected him to hold an event for me, his organisation and determination to make this a successful fundraiser has been amazing and I’m really proud of how hard he’s worked to make this a really good day," she said.

"I know it’s been very stressful for him, so hopefully lots of people will show up on Sunday and support him, not just me!"

Daisy was diagnosed with sarcoma two years ago but in July, she was told her cancer had stopped responding to the few drugs available, but she has found a US drugs trial which could help.

The 23-year-old from Rothersthorpe's appeal has recently passed the £90,000 mark, leaving her in awe of the generosity of the Northampton's community.

"My whole family and I are so overwhelmed at not just how quickly we have reached £90,000, but that we have reached it at all," she said.

"This will give us such a huge opportunity with drugs and medicines that could potentially prolong my life.

"Although we don’t need this amount immediately, it’s comforting to know that people are there to support us when we need it."

Entry for the football tournament is £10 per player, with each team having a minimum of five players but no maximum.

Anyone wishing to register with a £20 deposit beforehand, or get more information, should call Lewis on 07512 635758.

Otherwise just turn up at Goals at 10.30am for registration in a team or as an individual player before the football starts at 11am.

To donate to Daisy's cause, visit