Fears someone could have been hit by fallen tree in Northampton garden after months of complaining

The collapsed tree in Toni Davis' garden after it had been moved off of the trampoline
The collapsed tree in Toni Davis' garden after it had been moved off of the trampoline

A council tenant is feeling lucky no one was hurt after tree that was supposed to have been removed months ago came crashing down in her Northampton garden.

Toni Davis claims the tree had been rotten since her family moved into the house eight months ago but Northampton Partnership Homes insists the tree was 'healthy and growing' and did not present a risk.

The disabled woman fears her eight-year-old step-son, her pregnant sister or the five-year-old neighbour could have been hurt when strong winds brought down a large branch.

"If we had been in the garden that day it would have been disastrous - I don't even want to imagine what it could have done," the 36-year-old woman said.

"I've been moaning for weeks saying something needs to be done before someone gets hurt or something happens and it took the tree coming down and smashing through the trampoline for them to do something."

The tree was 'flagged up' for removal as it took over most of the garden when Toni, her partner Matt Parsons and his son moved into the house on January 12.

Toni claims the 30ft tree was rotten then and complained constantly - the housing association disagrees but said it was due to be inspected.

After months of concern, part of the tree broke a trampoline as it fell during the windy conditions on Saturday, August 10.

"My step-son is being tested for autism and ADHD and he loves that trampoline and if he was on it when the tree fell then it could have seriously hurt him," she said.

Toni rang the emergency out-of-hours number for her housing association, but got no reply, so she tried again on the Monday and the tree was collected two days later.

"The people that came to take it down said the tree was so dangerous as it was rotten all the way through and should've been removed months ago," she said.

A Northampton Partnership Homes spokesman apologised for any distress caused by the tree 'unfortunately' falling in Toni's garden.

"This tree did not present a risk due to it still being healthy and growing. Unfortunately, recent bad weather affected this tree before it could be properly surveyed," the spokesman said.

"We will only remove trees which are unhealthy and pose an immediate risk."