Failures in patient safety and dignity land Northampton care home in special measures

Inspectors have given a Northampton care home six months to improve for failing to uphold safe care for patients.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 5:54 pm
Brampton Views Care Home has been given six months to improve after a highly-critical CQC report.

A report by the healthcare watchdog says standards at Brampton Views Care Home have "deteriorated" since its last inspection in 2018, where it even scored a "good" rating.

But now, the care home's ratings have slipped down into "inadequate".

In the latest report published on Thursday (August 5), the CQC said they found "unsafe" care practices and evidence of patients not being treated with dignity. Many of the home's problems were exacerbated by short staffing levels.

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Brampton Views Care Home has been given six months to improve after a highly-critical CQC report.

The report reads: "People were at risk of not receiving their care as planned, or in a safe way.

"We saw two mattresses placed on top of one another next to beds instead of crash mats... fire doors were propped open with chairs or laundry baskets... People who may be confused or living with dementia had access to thickener that had been left unattended in people's rooms.

"We observed on the nursing floor four people left unsupervised for up to 30 minutes in the lounge area.

"We saw one person was left in their bedroom with the door open with no lower garments on, they looked distressed. When we pointed this out staff ensured the person was properly dressed."

As a result, the home has now been placed in special measures by the watchdog, meaning it has been given a deadline of six months to improve or face enforcement action.

Brampton Views provides care for over 80 people aged over 65 and also provides specialised care for people living with dementia or complex needs.

The new report comes after the home was rated as "good" in its last two visits by the CQC.

Immediately after the inspection in June, the watchdog ordered the home to address concerns over patients' dignity, fluid intake and nutrition, and scheduled to return in early July.

A spokesperson for Brampton Views Care Home said: “We deeply regret Brampton View falling short of the standards we expect from our homes and that the CQC requires. Our internal processes had identified issues prior to the inspection and we have been implementing a comprehensive and robust action plan to bring about improvements. When the inspection took place, these measures had not yet had time to yield the required results, but we have since seen marked improvement and we remain fully committed to reaching a higher standard as soon as is feasible. We are continuing to work with residents and relatives to improve the service experience and care processes within the home and are keeping the local authorities and CQC informed of the changes we are implementing.