'Eyesore' collapsed wall in Northampton still waiting for repairs 10 months after falling apart

Residents are calling for a collapsed wall along a car park in a Northampton neighbourhood to be fixed before "things get any worse."

Friday, 24th May 2019, 6:03 pm
There has been no repair work to secure the wall in Wade Meadow Court since it fell down in July last year.

Neighbours in Wade Meadow Court woke up one morning in July last year to find a brick wall lining a pathway had crumbled over night into a heap of bricks.

Northampton Borough Council cleared away the bricks before the end of the week and put up a temporary metal safety fence.

After that, it fell to Northamptonshire County Council to repair the damage.

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There has been no repair work to secure the wall in Wade Meadow Court since it fell down in July last year.

But that was the extent of the work to manage the collapsed wall - and now, 10 months later, residents are calling for the county council to finish what they started.

One resident, Henry Langridge, said: "I'm tired of looking at it. It's an eyesore.

"The council are lucky it was in the night or else those bricks could have fallen on someone.

"But now, for one thing, the metal fencing narrows the pathway down for people on mobility scooters and wheelchairs."

This picture was taken in July last year after the wall fell down overnight.

The former wall was in place to separate a neighbourhood car park from a footpath, which ran some five feet beneath it.

But the bare concrete and earth where the bricks fell away is now also the first thing residents in Wade Meadow Court get to look at as they leave their houses.

Henry said: "You can see roots from bushes pushing through now. If something isn't done soon it could get worse.

"There are eight cars parked up there every night. One of them could come tumbling down if something isn't done."

The wall has not been repaired after 10 months, leaving residents to look at the bare concrete and earth every day.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The wall is going to be repaired, starting June 17, with the work taking about four weeks weather permitting.

“The fencing currently in place is for safety – this will be taken away once the work starts.”

One resident is concerned plant roots will cause more damage if the wall is not repaired soon.