Eleven things that only annoy you if you’re from Northampton

From pronunciation to the north and south divide…

By Carly Odell
Thursday, 30th December 2021, 4:00 pm
We love our town, but there are some things that annoy us.
We love our town, but there are some things that annoy us.

There are so many things to love about Northampton, but if you’re from the town there are some things that also really annoy you.

Whether it’s something specific in Northampton or the way other places and people perceive us, there are plenty of things that are sure to grind our gears.

Here are 11 things that only annoy you if you're from Northampton.

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1. Confusing us for a city

So maybe in a matter of months we might be granted city status but we are currently a town. A TOWN.

The confusion has been long-running and people were referring to our town as a city long before the latest city status bid.

It’s incorrect, ignorant and frankly very infuriating.

2. People saying you have to pick north or south

If you speak to anyone from Yorkshire or London they will always tell you to pick a side in the north/south divide debate.

But the Midlands do exist and Northampton is firmly a part of that region.

So no we won’t be picking sides in the north/south divide anytime soon.

3. Bedford Road roundabout

If you want to get into town it’s hard to avoid, but we really wish we could avoid it.

It’s always busy, there’s too many exits and too many people are always in the wrong lane. Oh and there’s the statue that has always seemed a bit random.

But at least it’s not sporting stand-still traffic like it was for a number of months in 2021 as the Bedford Road roadworks rumbled on.

4. Pronouncing the River Nene as ‘Neen’

Peterborough folk pronounce the river’s name as ‘Neen’ and it drives us all insane.

It’s pronounced ‘Nen’. Always has been, always will be. End of.

5. People who moan about our high street

As featured in Chronicle & Echo in the lead up to Christmas, there are a lot of amazing independent retailers on our high street that provide a wide and varied range of shopping in our town.

There are also many national retailers with branches in the town.

The two combined means there is plenty of opportunity to shop in Northampton so it’s frustrating to hear over and over again that ‘there’s nowhere left’

6. Fly-tipping

It affects every town, city, village and area in the country, but it really seems to irritate us here.

There are thousands of reports every year and we know thousands more people see the fly-tipping incidents.

It’s ugly to look at, it’s not good for a town’s reputation or our businesses and it needs to stop. We have to get through to the culprits to make them dispose of waste correctly and responsibly.

7. Milton Keynes

They’re our competitors and our noisy neighbours, but most importantly there are too many roundabouts and the house prices are ludicrous.

We’ll stick to our town where not every street looks identical.

8. People who say ‘there’s nothing to do’

Watch Cobblers, see shows at two theatres, museums, shopping, walks a plenty, cinema, an arcade bar, watch Saints, bowling, soft plays, family farms, eating out and so much more.

Anyone who says there is nothing to do is not looking hard enough or is wanting something oddly specific.

9. Potholes

Another one that affects every area of the country, but that doesn’t lessen the annoyance here in Northampton.

The commute to work is bad enough without being jolted around all over the place when you hit a pothole.

10. St Peter’s Way Car Park

The payment machines never work properly, or there’s always a queue to use them, it’s always busy and there’s always someone confused or frustrated.

Basically, it’s always carnage.

11. Pronunciation

Yes we’ve already had the pronunciation of River Nene (that’s so annoying it needs its own section).

But there are also some other place names around Northampton that no one from out of the area can ever get right.

Cogenhoe and Towcester spring to mind. Yes we know they’re unusual, but it’s still tiresome to hear them pronounced incorrectly.