Duston cat left 'petrified' and at risk of losing paw after allegedly 'becoming trapped in snare'

Tala went missing for nine days before her owner found her in a neighbour's green house with a serious injury to her paw.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 7:30 am
Tala was missing for more than a week and was then found with a serious paw injury.

A Duston woman is 'disgusted' after a her cat was allegedly 'trapped in a snare' causing a serious injury, which could result in her losing a paw.

Tala, a tabby-type cat, went missing for more than a week before her owner Micheala Kean found her in an injured state.

The 11-year-old feline was taken straight to the vets where her paw was X-rayed and bandaged.

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Tala's owner says she is not petrified of everything.

The vet who treated Tala told Micheala that she was '100 per cent sure' the injury was caused by a snare, but Northamptonshire Police say this can't be confirmed.

Micheala said: "My cat was missing for a few days which isn't like her.

"It got to nine days and I got a knock on the door from the lady over the road. She said my cat was in her green house and that she hadn't moved for a few days.

"When we got there her paw was massive, it was so swollen.

"We took her straight to the vets and they knocked her out and did X-rays.

"The vet said she was 100 per cent sure the injury was from a snare.

"She bandaged it up to see how it goes."

The 31-year-old is positive about Tala making a full recovery physically, but is still concerned about her pet.

Micheala said: "The worst case is that she could still lose part of her leg. She is still at risk of losing her paw.

"Things are looking positive at the moment but you never know.

"Tala has been left petrified of anything now. She never used to be like that.

"Someone opens the door and she jumps out of her skin."

The incident has left Micheala confused as to why someone could be using a snare in her 'quiet' area of Rawley crescent in Duston.

She added: "I have absolutely no idea why someone would do this or why anyone would have a snare in their garden.

"I live in a small street and not near a farm or anything like that so I don't understand why there would be a snare.

"I have a mix of emotions. It's disgusting that someone would do something like that. It's just sad."

On the advice of the vet, Micheala reported the incident to the police in case anything else happens in the area.

She added: "I would like to hope that they didn't put it there for this reason, but you don't know.

"I reported it to the police as the vet said that's the best thing to do and just in case anything else happens.

"They told be it was legal to have snares on your own property."

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said: "We were called at 11.20am yesterday from someone claiming their cat had been trapped in a snare, but they can't be sure of this.

"The cat has a fracture to its paw."