'Dodgy' drugs linked to homeless woman's death and man's close-call in Northampton

'Dodgy' drugs have linked to the death of a homeless woman and a man being saved by first aid in Northampton.

Condolences have been paid to the family of the woman in her 30s who died in Memorial Square near St Katherines Street on Monday night (August 19).

A man was reportedly brought back from the brink by CPR yesterday, with Northampton Hope Centre suggesting the incidents are connected to drugs.

"Be careful out there...is there new sources or dodgy batches on the street? #drugrisk #drugdeaths #death #overdoserisk #heroin" the homeless shelter tweeted.

A report is being prepared for the coroner by police being called to the non-suspicious but sudden death of a woman shortly before 10pm.

The 'Tuesday Night Team', which provides food and clothes to homeless people in Northampton with the Midland Langa Seva Society (MLSS), said the death 'hung over them' yesterday.

"Busy night serving 60 people tonight in partnership with #MLSS," the group wrote on Facebook.

"The sad news of another homeless young woman dying on the streets of Northampton last night hung over all of us, we offer our condolences to her family, friends and street friends.

"We served food and supported the best we could. Thank you to my volunteers who had a sympatric ear and encouraging conversations for our service users as always, you really do make a difference to these people!"

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Stock homeless photo courtesy of Getty Images

Stock homeless photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Hope Centre in Northampton

The Hope Centre in Northampton