Designs announced for three-metre-tall heavy duty gate to shut off 'rotten' Northampton town centre alleyway for good

Readers have called Jeyes Jetty 'foul', 'disgusting' and 'rough' in the past - but soon it will be closed to the public for good.

Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 6:00 am
The final stages of a plan to gate off Jeyes Jetty for good have been put to the council.
The final stages of a plan to gate off Jeyes Jetty for good have been put to the council.

The final designs for a plan to gate off a "rotten" Northampton town centre alleyway and cut down on anti-social behaviour have been put forward.

Jeyes Jetty, which runs between the Drapery and College Street and is between Timpsons and the former DW Sports Store, has for many years been a persistent hotspot for illicit activities and anti-social behaviour such as urinating, defecating and drug dealing.

In October 2019, the borough council voted to close off the alleyway good when, in a consultation of some 188 people, 70 per cent of people said they wanted it closed off 22/7, and 48 per cent said they had personally suffered anti-social behaviour in the alley.

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The alleyway connects the Drapery to College Street and is a hotspot for criminal activity.

Additionally, a rap sheet of offences reported in the alleyway was read to the council as evidence, including sexual assault, arson and a robbery of a man by a gang of six.

The jetty was also where 24-year-old Bradley Matchan was killed in a one-punch assault in February 2018.

Now, the alleyway has entered the last stage of planning before it is gated off from the public permanently.

A set of final designs have been put to the borough council for approval.

A three-metre-tall "heavy-duty mesh" gate will be installed at both entrances of the alleyway. The name 'Jeyes Jetty' will be embossed in gold paint on the College Street entrance and will be shut to the public permanently.

Because the Jetty is also the fire escape for several apartments and businesses, the gate on college street will also feature a push bar to serve as an emergency exit and a outside key access only usable by emergency services.

The Jetty's neighbours have been invited to comment on the final designs in a consultation that is open under February 14.

The plans detail a three-metre-tall heavy duty metal fence.