Customers disgruntled by long wait times at Taco Bell in Northampton

When it was finally announced that a Taco Bell would be opening at Sixfields Mexican fast food lovers were thrilled by the news.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 8:00 pm
Taco Bell has been open for just under a month and people are starting to get frustrated with the wait times.

And when the restaurant opened in December the popularity was evident in how busy the chain was.

Now, nearly a month on from the grand opening, wait times are still as high as 70 minutes.

The business of the restaurant, the chaotic nature and the wait times have led angry customers to vent their frustration with the not-so-quick fast food.

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One customer said they waited 70 minutes for their food.

Hattie Hambledon who visited on Tuesday (January 7) said: “I went with a friend and we decided to go in because we didn’t know the menu very well.

“It was pretty busy, with about six cars in the drive thru, we found it really awkward after ordering our food because there’s no designated place to stand.

“We waited for about 25 minutes and towards the end of our wait it had cleared out a bit.

“I did feel like we’d waited about 10 minutes too long, but I do appreciate that it’s new and exciting so we expected to wait longer than we wanted to.

“The portions were smaller than expected, but it did taste amazing and was worth the hassle.

“I’ll probably use the drive thru in the future as they seem to prioritise it.”

Another customer told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo: "I went through the drive thru and it took about 20 minutes to get to the order machine.

"Once we ordered, it took about 10 minutes to receive our food. There must have been at least 15 cars in the queue.

"I would say the food was worth it, except a few items being missing. With the queue being so long, I'm not prepared to queue up again.

"I wasn't able to check my order to make sure everything was there as it was dark outside with no lights.

"I would go back though as the food is really cheap and delicious."

Other customers also took to social media to express their distaste with the wait times.

Although some defended the fast food restaurant and its business.

One user commented: “I wasn’t impressed and it seemed very disorganised. The guy in charge spent most of the time on his mobile. One person getting each order ready. 70 minute wait. I think KFC next door is picking up a lot of business.”

Another customer said: “We went through drive through in a couple of minutes on Saturday, loved the food. Will make a weekly treat - restaurant seems too small for eat-in to be an option at busy times.”

A spokeswoman for Taco Bell said: "Following consumer demand, we are excited to now be open in Northampton.

"People in the area clearly love tacos, and as such we’ve been very popular since opening.

"We appreciate waiting times have been higher than expected, but we are continually working to reduce these to ensure our fans get the true Taco Bell experience.”