Council hesitates on plan to open takeaway in Northampton neighbourhood until it is told what food will be cooked

The environment officer has concerns how much of an "odour" will be produced without knowing what food is on the menu.

Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 6:00 am
The Capital Off Licence in Kingsley Park Terrace could be converted into a takeaway.

An environment officer has asked for council to turn down a plan to open a restaurant in a Northampton neighbourhood until it's clear what kind of food will be cooked there.

A proposal has been put to the borough council's planning board to convert the Capital Off License in Kingsley Park Terrace into a takeaway.

But an environment officer has recommended the council turn the plan down because there is no information on what kind of food it will serve.

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The officer says until the council knows what kind of cuisine is being served there then it cannot assess how much of an odour it will create for residents.

The officer is also calling for a noise assessment.

A report prepared by environment officer Natasha Stanley reads: "At the present time I recommend refusal based on insufficient information.

"The applicant has not advised what type of food will be cooked, as this will inform the type and level of odour control required.

"[Also], there is also no indication of the hours of operation of the proposed use, which will have a bearing on the noise impact."

Planning boards use a system of "risk assessment for odour" when considering an application, based on how high up extraction flues and fried chicken, burger and fish & chip restaurants as the most odourous.