Concern as bees block pavement near Northampton park

An enhanced image of the bees in St George's Avenue
An enhanced image of the bees in St George's Avenue

Pedestrians are avoiding the pavement near a Northampton park because a huge cluster of bees regularly makes the way impassable.

The bees appear to be living in or near the front garden of a house in St George's Avenue, opposite the Racecourse.

A tree growing inside the garden overhangs the pavement and the bees appear to be clustering on its tiny flowers.

The mass is so large that pedestrians and neighbours have been forced to cross the road to avoid being stung.

A neighbour said: "They will form a huge sort-of hive shape for a while then just dissolve again.

"I've seen it once this week and it happened two weeks ago.

"I don't know that anyone's been stung yet but you certainly can't walk that way any more."

A park user said: "I was walking that way with my two children when I spotted them. I'm sure it's fine, but it does worry you when you first see them like that."

Northamptonshire County Council said it would only take action if the bees were hazardous to the general public. Even then, as the highways authority it could only fence the area off.

Actual removal of the bees would have to be arranged with a company by the house's owner.

Basic advice for anyone who has swarms of bees is on the Northampton Borough Council website.

Further advice on removal is on the British Beekeepers Association website.