Benny, 7, sets up lemonade stand in Northampton to raise money for his poorly dog

Benny Monaghan with his pet dog, Marley
Benny Monaghan with his pet dog, Marley

Little Benny Monaghan has become quite the celebrity in his aunt's road this summer.

The seven-year-old from Ecton Brook asked his aunt last Thursday whether he could sell lemonade to raise money for his poorly dog Marley after taking inspiration from a character in his favourite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School.

Benny Monaghan with his pet dog, Marley

Benny Monaghan with his pet dog, Marley

The stand was set up on Thursday in Abington Vale and, although he raised £7.35 on the day by selling 25p drinks, his aunt's neighbour Mia Frost posted a picture of his makeshift stand and sign on her Facebook page, which generated lots of interest.

Benny, with a little helping hand from Mia, has now started a GoFundMe page which has seen £100 donated to cover the costs of Marley's vet bills.

Mia said: "I drove round and saw my boyfriend in the street holding a cup and I though what is he doing? But Benny was waiting for me.

"I saw some of the comments on my Facebook page saying they wanted to donate but it was too far for them to travel, so I set a GoFundMe page up.

"A lot of people wanted to give him some money but they did not live round here."

Marley is an eight-year-old bullmastiff and Rhodesian ridgeback cross who is one year older than Benny.

After the family found a lump in Marley’s neck they rushed him to the vets and are anticipating spending in the region of £1,000 on his vet bills.

So far they have spent £300 on three courses of antibiotics.

But Benny is raising a further £380 to cover the costs of Marley's appointment at the vets this Friday where the family pet will have to be sedated before undergoing a biopsy and x-ray to find out is his lump is a cyst or a tumour.

Then Marley will be booked in for his operation to remove the lump hopefully the following week.

The cost of the operation is not yet known as he may have to undergo specialist treatment after the biopsy results.

Mum Lizzy, who rescued Marley when he was a puppy, said: "He is such a spoilt, soppy dog and still full of himself but he has lost 8 kilograms over the space of a month.

"I can see his ribs when normally you can't. He does look skinny to me but I see him every day.

"I'm so proud of Benny. In three quarters of an hour he raised £7.35. It's such a nice thing to do for somebody else."