Pelican crossings around Northampton’s bus station could be changed to accept coins to give priority to paying pedestrians

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Pelican crossings around Northampton’s new North Gate Bus Station could be changed to accept coins in a bid to ease traffic flows and give priority to paying pedestrians.

The number of pedestrians crossing the roads near to the bus station has been an issue since the bus station first opened. Signs have recently gone up instructing people to cross the road “only when the green man is showing”. The new system aims to give priority to paying pedestrians and encourage people to cross the road elsewhere in the town.

If approved, Northampton would be the first town in the country to introduce a payment system. No decision has yet been made on how much will be charged.

A spokesman said: “We’ve had to come up with some radical solutions to cope with the volumes of both people and traffic.

“The idea is that if you insert a coin the pedestrian lights will change immediatly in your favour.

“You can still cross for free – the cycle of lights just takes a bit longer - or you can wait for someone else to pay and then cross with them.

“A study has shown that many will choose to cross elsewhere, and those that do cross and pay will save time, so either way it’s a win-win.

“A camera mounted nearby will deter jay walkers with a £30 fixed penalty for anybody trying to go across on red,” the spokesman added.