Parking charges brought in at train station in Northamptonshire

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There has been a mixed reaction to the introduction of parking charges at Long Buckby Train Station.

A £4 per day charge was introduced for much of the station’s newly expanded car park on Monday this week.

Previously parking at the station was free, but the tiny car park was often full by 8am on weekdays and had no security.

To complicate matters half the old car park is owned by London Midland and spaces there remain free. The old extension to the car park was built by Daventry District Council under an agreement with the owner of the field. The agreement was ended last year and the extension area has been incorporated into the new, much larger car park.

The £4 a day charge has been criticised by some, pointing out it will cost commuters £940 a year.

The layby near the station, used by many as an unofficial overflow car park, looks set to have parking banned. And yellow lines may be used to prevent people avoiding the charge by parking on village roads.

Jason Gibbins, the Daventry Express’s former editor, wrote: “So parking at Long Buckby station goes from free to £940 per year. How/why have you let that happen DDC/London Midland?”

Daventry town councillor Zeshan Hussain tweeted: “Happy to pay for parking at Long Buckby Station to take advantage of new spaces however current prices are ridiculous!”

But others have accepted the charges, saying that in the past unless you got to the station very early there was often no parking available at all.

Nikki Cassie, who lives near Kettering and uses Long Buckby daily due to Northampton being too busy, said: “It’s fair enough to charge – everywhere else does. Before it was hard to get a parking space.”

On Wednesday this week at around 10am the free spaces were full; overall it looked as if there were more cars than might have fitted into the old car park, but there were still plenty of spaces in the new extension.

The new car park includes CCTV coverage for safety, and has a dedicated bus turn-in as well.