Parking bays in St Giles Street to be repainted

Some drivers found it tricky to fit their vehicle into the original bays
Some drivers found it tricky to fit their vehicle into the original bays

St Giles Street will be closed to traffic for one day next week to allow the new road surface to be cleaned of its dressing and the parking bays to be repainted.

Parking in the street between the Hazelwood Road junction and St Giles Square, will be suspended from 7pm on Saturday, 26 November until 7pm on Sunday, 27 November, but businesses in the street will be operating as normal.

Work on improving the pavements to make them wider and safer and upgrading the road surface in St Giles Street began earlier this year and was announced as finished on October 21 – six weeks ahead of the planned finish date of December 2.

Pressure washing the road surface to remove the dressing is a necessary part of the work that can only be carried out around four weeks after the new surface is laid, and the one-day closure is part of the scheduled work programme.

Howevere, at the same time as the road surface is cleaned, new, wider parking bays will be marked out to answer concerns that the new bays – while conforming to legal standards – were too narrow.

Cllr Tim Hadland said: “St Giles Street now provides a much-improved experience for shoppers and visitors and I am grateful to businesses in the area, with whom we have worked positively and constructively throughout this project.

"The cleaning of the new road surface is the last part of this phase of work that leaves our Best British High Street with a cleaner, more attractive environment.”