Parish council chairman says A43 Moulton bypass plans are ‘poorly designed’

Moulton Bypass map NNL-140112-084315001
Moulton Bypass map NNL-140112-084315001

The chairman of Moulton Parish Council says a new bypass to the east of the village is badly designed and will not solve the traffic problems at the Round Spinney roundabout.

At a meeting on Tuesday, members of Northamptonshire County Council’s development control committee gave their support to the scheme for the A43 bypass to the east of Moulton.

The section of road will open up land for the urban extension of North Northampton where 2,000 homes are proposed. Approval was given subject to one of the access roads, Thorpeville, not being included in the scheme.

Barry Care, chairman of Moulton Parish Council, said the plans should have included a pedestrian bridge or underpass rather than a Toucan crossing for people wanting to walk from Overstone to Moulton.

He said: “We are not in favour of the plans as they are a poor quality design. There is a lot of Moulton School pupils who live in Overstone who will need to cross the dual-carriageway and the only way will be via a Toucan crossing.”

A total of 178 properties are close to the route of the bypass and a petition containing 125 signatures were presented to the council ahead of the decision.

Objections raised included concern about opening up Thorpeville, which as amended by councillors, fears that the traffic calming on nearby roads will not stop them being used as a rat run and the impact on the countryside and cycle routes.

Mr Care said: “Most local residents have said the new bypass will not solve the traffic congestion at the roundabout. It will just mean two queues of traffic rather than one.”

Planning officers recommended that the plans be approved arguing that concerns over additional traffic in the surrounding area and the environmental impact outweighed concerns raised by nearby parish councils and residents.

Officers stated that there would be a “short-term impact from noise” during the construction period but long-term measures would be put in place to mitigate it.