Parents at Northampton school to hand flowers to all mums

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A group of parents at a Northampton primary school will present flowers to other mums as a symbol that the town should stand together in the wake of Brexit.

The half-a-dozen parents at Cedar Road Primary School, Abington, intend to give a flower to all mums or dads in the next few days.

It follows a vote in the EU referendum that saw Northampton vote overwhelming to leave and a subsequent handful of incidents of racism and hate speech directed at immigrants in different parts of the country.

Although the idea began as handing out flowers to foreign-born mums and dads, it was felt that nothing should be done to make anyone feel different. Instead, the organisers felt it was better to show that everyone is equal.

Stephanie Small said: “No one should be singled out. The point of this is we just want everyone to know that we are all the same.

“There have been lots of things said on all sides about all sorts of issues. We need to just get on with it now.”