Parents appeal for return of baby photos after Northampton burglary


A family from Northampton is appealing for the return of a stolen laptop computer containing photographs of their son.

Burglars took the computer and other items from the home of Shaun and Johana Corby in Norfolk Street, Semilong.

Mr Corby said: “It isn’t the monetary value of the things they took that’s upset us.

“The laptop has pictures of our baby on it and videos of Dylan talking for the first time and his first step. Those things are irreplaceable. We’re even at the stage now where I might be prepared to pay a reward to have the hard drive back, we don’t care so much about the other things.”

The laptop is an HP Latitude and has the ‘R’ key missing from the keyboard.

There were no signs of a forced entry to the house so it is possible the burglars fished the door keys through the letterbox. The Corbys’ black Renault Megane car was also stolen, but was found by police the next day, December 20, in Colwyn Road.

Police told Mr Corby at the time that the car, which contained several items that did not belong to him, may then have been used in up to eight other burglaries, some of which were in Colwyn Road.

However, a police spokeswoman said officers were officially linking the Norfolk Street burglary with up to five others.

Anyone with information about the burglaries can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.