Paramedics urge Northamptonshire parents to tell of their children’s life-saving bravery

James Scott, 15 and Liam Scott
James Scott, 15 and Liam Scott

Ambulance medics in Northamptonshire are urging parents of brave children to nominate them for an emergency services medal.

The new award has been established in memory of Northamptonshire paramedic Nick Laverick, a team leader who lost his battle with cancer on his 37th birthday in September 2013.

And his colleagues are looking to honour children and young adults who have gone above and beyond to help another.

Anya Donald, from Mereway, who is part of the Laverick Team, said: “The medal is for people who have acted beyond their age and shown great courage to preserve or save a life without thought for themselves.

“It must happen a lot but they don’t often get the recognition, because of the difficulty in passing on personal details.

“It would be great if parents were able to come forward directly.”

Mrs Donald said the team came up with the idea several years ago after attending a 999 call where a 12-year-old gave her nan CPR.

Since then, only four youngsters have been recognised with a Laverick Award.

One was a five-year-old girl who stopped her friend choking on food.

And two more, James and Liam Scott, were presented with their medals at a surprise ceremony at The Mounts fire station yesterday, attended by Nick Laverick’s wife, Sasha, and his two sons.

James and Liam were recognised for their calmness under pressure after a toaster caught fire at their home in Briar Hill, starting a fire that completely gutted the ground floor of the three-storey house.

Liam, aged 11, alerted his 15-year-old brother and the older sibling shut them both in his room and called 999. On their instructions he cooly blocked the bottom of the door and opened a window to await rescue of them both by firefighters.

Their mum, Sarah, said: “I really hope people with brave children like mine come forward. I don’t think they realise what they did but they were so brave and this gives fantastic recognition.

“Its something they’ll always remember.”